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The state council's decision to strengthen energy conservation.

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The state council's decision to strengthen energy conservation.

                             Guofa [2006] no. 28.

The people's governments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the ministries and commissions of the state council and the institutions directly under the state council:

For further implement the scientific outlook on development, to carry out the basic state policies to save resources, mobilize the social various aspects strength to further strengthen energy conservation, to speed up the construction of economical society and realize the goal of "11th five-year" plan for the proposed energy conservation, promote economic and social development to turn into a track of comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development, for the following:

First, fully understand the importance and urgency of enhancing energy conservation.

(I) we must put energy conservation in a more prominent strategic position. China has a large population, and its energy resources are relatively inadequate, and its per capita population is well below the world average. Because our country is in the stage of industrialization and urbanization speed up the development, the energy consumption intensity is higher, the consumption scale expands unceasingly, especially high input, high consumption, high pollution of extensive economic growth mode, increase the energy supply and demand contradiction and environment pollution. The energy issue has become an important factor of restricting the economic and social development, from the height of the strategic and global, fully aware of the importance of energy work, attached great importance to energy security, realize the sustainable development of energy. To solve China's energy problems, the fundamental way out is to develop and economize on the principle of combining development and saving, and to promote energy conservation and energy consumption, and improve energy efficiency. Energy saving is to alleviate energy constraints, reduce environmental pressures, economic security, realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal and the inevitable choice of sustainable development, reflected the essential request of the scientific concept of development, is a long-term strategic task, must be in the more prominent strategic position.

(2) energy conservation should be regarded as a pressing task at present. Lagging in recent years, due to the economic growth mode transformation, energy intensive industries growth too fast, energy consumption per unit of GDP rise, especially in the first half of this year, energy consumption growth is still faster than economic growth, energy conservation and face greater pressure, the situation is very serious. All regions and departments should fully understand the urgency of strengthening energy conservation work, enhance the awareness of crisis and crisis, and enhance historical sense of responsibility and mission. To energy conservation as an urgent task of current, on the important agenda at all levels of government, to strive, to take strong measures to ensure that achieve the goal of "11th five-year plan" energy conservation, promote the development of the national economy fast and well.

Second, use the scientific outlook on development to govern energy conservation.

(3) guiding ideology. With deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" the important thoughts as the instruction, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, to carry out the basic state policies to save resources, to improve energy utilization efficiency as the core, to transform the economic growth mode, adjust the economic structure, accelerating technological progress as the basis, strengthen the whole society's awareness of energy saving, and establish a strict management system, implement effective incentive policy, give full play to the basic role of market resources allocation, market main body consciousness of energy saving and speed up the building economical mode of production and consumption patterns, with the efficient use of energy to promote sustainable economic and social development.

(iv) basic principles. To promote energy conservation and development, energy conservation is to better develop and realize scientific development. Keep developing and saving simultaneously, saving energy priority and efficiency; We will continue to use energy conservation as the main direction for transforming the pattern of economic growth, and fundamentally change the way of extensive economic growth of high energy consumption and high pollution. Adhering to the role of market mechanism and implementing government macro-control, we should strive to create a system environment, policy environment and market environment conducive to energy conservation. We will adhere to the combination of source control and stock exploration, management and policy incentives in accordance with the law, and focus on comprehensive promotion.

(v) main objectives. By the end of the eleventh five-year plan period, the energy consumption of ten thousand yuan of gross domestic product (at the price of 2005) was reduced to 0.98 tons of standard coal, which was about 20% lower than the final period of "15" and the average annual energy rate was 4.4%. The energy consumption of major products in key industries has reached or nearly reached the international advanced level at the beginning of this century. Preliminary build compatible with the socialist market economy system of relatively perfect energy conservation laws and regulations and standard system, policy guarantee system, technical support system, the supervision and management system, to promote the energy saving mechanism of market main body.

Third, we will accelerate the construction of an energy-saving industrial system.

(6) vigorously adjust the industrial structure. All regions and departments to earnestly implement the enforcement of the state council on the decision of the interim regulations > < promote industrial structure adjustment "(guo fa [2005] no. 40) requirements, promote upgrading of the industrial structure, promote economic growth by mainly relying on industrial expansion drive, drive and quantity to three collaborative upgrading and optimizing of industry leading change, based on the energy conservation development. Reasonable planning of industrial and regional layout, and avoid energy wastage due to poor decision making.

Accelerating the development of the service sector. We will give full play to the advantages of low energy consumption and low pollution in the service sector and strive to increase the proportion of the service sector in the national economy. We should focus on specialized division of labor and improve social efficiency, and actively develop the production service industry. In order to meet the needs of people and to facilitate the life of the masses, we will improve the service industry. Large and medium-sized cities should give priority to the development of service industries, and the conditions of large and medium-sized cities should gradually form an industrial structure dominated by service economy.

Actively adjusting the industrial structure. We will strictly control new energy-intensive projects, and use energy standards as a mandatory threshold for approval and filing of projects to curb the rapid growth of energy-intensive industries. Strict energy consumption access management for enterprise relocation and transformation. Speed up eliminating backward production capacity, process, technology and equipment, not timely elimination of the enterprise, the local people's governments at various levels and departments concerned should order them to stop production or be shut down in accordance with the law, revocation of emission permits and stop the power supply in accordance with the law, subject to production license administration, the revocation of production licenses in accordance with the law. We will actively promote joint reorganization of enterprises to improve industrial concentration and scale efficiency.

(9) optimize the energy structure. We will vigorously develop efficient and clean energy sources. We will gradually reduce the direct use of raw coal, increase the proportion of coal used in power generation, develop coal gasification and liquefaction, and improve the conversion efficiency. Guide enterprises and residents to use electricity rationally. We will vigorously develop renewable and alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and water.

Fourth, focus on energy conservation in key areas.

(10) to strengthen industrial energy conservation. To concentrate on the iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, electricity, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, building materials and other key energy-consuming industries and enterprises in more than 10000 tons of standard coal consumption of energy-saving work, organize the implementation of thousands of enterprise energy saving actions, promote enterprises to actively adjust the product structure, to speed up the energy saving technical reconstruction, lower energy consumption.

Promote energy conservation in buildings. We will energetically develop energy-saving and provincial-level buildings, promote the strict implementation of the design standards for energy-efficient buildings and public buildings, and implement a standard of 65% energy conservation in the central government and areas with conditions. Promote energy conservation reform of existing buildings. We will vigorously develop new type of wall materials.

Strengthen energy conservation in transportation. Comprehensive transportation system, and actively promote energy-saving speed up the development of railway and inland water transport, public transport priority development and rail transportation, speed up the elimination of old railway locomotive, automobile, shipbuilding, encourage the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly means of transport, development and promotion of automotive alternative fuels and clean fuel cars.

(13) to guide commercial and civil energy conservation. It is widely used in public facilities, hotel, office buildings and residential buildings to promote efficient energy-saving office equipment, household appliances, lighting products, etc.

(14) to conserve energy in rural areas. To speed up elimination and update the energy-consuming backward agricultural machinery and fishing gear, speed up the agriculture water irrigation and drainage upgrading mechanical and electrical facilities, vigorously develop the rural household biogas and large and medium-sized livestock and poultry farms methane project, promote the province wood section coal stove, adjust measures to local conditions to develop small hydropower, wind, solar and crop straw gasification and gas centralized supply system.

Promoting energy conservation of government agencies. Government departments and leading cadres at all levels should start from themselves and practice economy, and play a leading role in energy conservation. We will focus on improving energy efficiency in buildings and heating, air conditioning, lighting systems and office equipment in government institutions, and take measures to promote the government's energy conservation procurement and promote the reform of business vehicles.


Fifth, vigorously promote the progress of energy conservation technology.

Accelerate the development and application of advanced energy-saving technologies and products. People's governments at all levels to put energy saving as the focus of the government investment in science and technology, promote the industrialization of high technology fields, to support scientific research units and enterprises to develop high efficiency and energy saving technology, technology and product, priority support with independent intellectual property rights of commonness and key technologies of energy conservation demonstration, strengthen independent innovation ability, solve the technical bottleneck. We will adopt various ways to accelerate the popularization and application of energy-efficient products. Where conditions are available, appropriate financial support will be given to the energy efficiency standards and certified energy saving products of the pre-eminent countries to guide the use of consumers. We will implement the national inspection exemption system for product quality, and encourage the production of high-efficiency and energy-saving products to make bigger and stronger enterprises. The relevant departments shall formulate and promulgation the policy on energy conservation technology and organize the promotion of the generic technology of the industry.

We will comprehensively implement key energy conservation projects. Relevant departments and local people's governments and relevant units to seriously implement the eleventh five-year plan outline of coal-fired industrial boilers and furnaces and transformation, regional cogeneration, utilization of by-product heat pressure and saving and replace oil, motor system energy saving, energy system optimization and energy saving building energy efficiency, green lighting, government institutions and energy-saving monitoring and technology service system construction and so on ten major energy conservation projects. To development and reform commission urged all localities and departments and units concerned to implement the relevant policies and measures to ensure the engineering matching funds in place, at the same time, in conjunction with the departments concerned shall earnestly do a good job in key projects and major projects the implementation of the supervision and inspection.

(18) to foster an energy-efficient service system. Authorities to promptly formulate to speed up the guidance of the construction of the energy conservation service system, promote the energy-saving technology services agencies at various levels and conversion mechanism, the innovation model, broaden the fields, enhance service ability, improve the level of service. We will accelerate the implementation of contract energy management and promote the transformation of energy conservation technologies for enterprises.

(19) strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. We will actively introduce advanced energy-saving technologies and management experience abroad, and conduct extensive cooperation with international organizations, financial institutions and relevant countries and regions in the field of energy conservation.

Vi. Increase energy conservation supervision and management.

Improve the laws and regulations on energy conservation and the standard system. To make revision of the energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China on work, further energy saving management system strictly, clear energy saving law enforcement main body, strengthen the policy incentives, intensify punishment. To study and formulate relevant regulations on energy conservation. To speed up the organization to establish and perfect the major energy-consuming industry standards for admittance into energy consumption, energy saving design standard, formulate and improve industrial energy consumption equipment, motor vehicles, construction, household appliances, lighting products and other public building energy efficiency standards and equipment operation standard. Each region shall study and formulate the energy consumption limit for major energy-consuming products and large public buildings in the region.

(21) strengthen planning guidance. All localities and departments concerned according to the plan for the period of "11th five-year plan", the realization of obligatory targets for energy consumption reduced as the region, the department of "11th five-year plan" an important part of the planning and related special planning, clear objectives, tasks and policy measures, earnestly formulate and implement energy conservation planning of the region and industry.

(22) to establish a system of accountability and assessment for energy conservation objectives. National development and reform commission will plan for the period of "11th five-year plan" to determine the energy consumption per unit GDP by reducing the target decomposition to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the people's governments at the provincial level to implement the goal step by step to various cities, county and the key energy consumption enterprise, strict target responsibility system. The statistics bureau, the development and reform commission and other departments regularly publish energy consumption in each region. The provincial people's government shall establish a system of energy consumption bulletin in the region. Will energy consumption index into the comprehensive evaluation for local economic and social development and annual appraisal system, as the local people's governments at all levels of leadership and leading cadres term assessment of important contents of carrying out scientific development view, as head of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises operating performance of the important examination content and implement energy conservation and accountability. The development and reform commission will work with relevant departments to formulate implementation measures.

(23) to establish an energy conservation assessment and review system for fixed asset investment projects. The relevant departments and local people's governments shall conduct energy conservation assessment and review on fixed asset investment projects (including new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects). All projects that fail to conduct energy conservation examination or fail to pass the energy conservation examination shall not be approved and approved, and the waste of energy shall be eliminated from the source. If the construction of a project is approved without authorization, the responsibility of the person directly responsible shall be investigated according to law. The development and reform commission shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, formulate specific measures for the assessment and review of energy conservation of fixed assets investment projects.

Strengthening energy conservation management of key energy-consuming enterprises. The key energy-consuming enterprises should establish strict energy-saving management system and effective incentive mechanism, and further mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to save energy and reduce consumption. We should strengthen the basic work, equip full-time personnel, and implement the targets and responsibilities of energy conservation and consumption to the workshop, team and individuals, and strengthen supervision and inspection. The relevant departments and local people's governments at various levels shall strengthen the follow-up, guidance and supervision on the energy saving of key energy-consuming enterprises, and regularly publish the energy utilization status of key enterprises. Among them, for thousands of enterprises energy saving action of energy-intensive enterprise, national development and reform commission and the relevant people's government at the provincial level and the relevant sign energy-saving target responsibility of central enterprises, strengthening energy conservation target responsibility and examination.

(25) improve the energy efficiency labeling and certification system for energy conservation products. To speed up the implementation of the mandatory energy efficiency label system, expand the energy efficiency label in household appliances, motor, automotive and architectural applications, increasing energy efficiency label of social recognition, guide social consumption behavior, promote enterprises to speed up research and development of high efficiency and energy saving products. Promote the certification of voluntary energy saving products, standardize the behaviors of certification, expand the scope of certification, and promote the establishment of international coordination and mutual recognition.

(26) strengthen power demand side and power dispatching management. We will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of power demand side management, optimize urban and enterprise power consumption schemes, promote the application of energy-efficient technologies, promote the construction of energy efficiency plants, and improve the efficiency of electricity use. To improve power generation scheduling rules, priority arrangement clean energy power generation, optimize the scheduling of coal-fired thermal power units and limit of high energy consumption, heavy pollution inefficient generating units, power energy-saving, environmental protection and economic operation.

(27) control the indoor air conditioning temperature. All the unit of public buildings, including the state organs, social organizations, enterprises and organizations and individual businesses, in addition to the specific purposes, summer indoor air conditioning temperature setting is not lower than 26 degrees Celsius, winter indoor air temperature is not higher than 20 degrees Celsius. Relevant departments should revise and improve the standards of indoor temperature of public buildings and strengthen supervision and inspection.

(28) increase energy conservation supervision and inspection. Relevant departments and local people's governments at various levels should intensify supervision and inspection of energy saving work, focusing on energy and can use situation of the public facilities, energy saving of fixed assets investment projects evaluation and review, ban obsolete equipment long-distance reoccupy, and product energy efficiency standards and logo design, building energy efficiency design standards, industry standard execution, and so on and so forth. Buildings that fail to meet the building energy efficiency standards are not allowed to start construction and sales. It is strictly prohibited to produce, sell or use energy-consuming products that are eliminated by the state. We will crack down on illegal trading activities such as scrapped automobiles and ships. The competent department of energy conservation and the quality and technical supervision department should intensify supervision and inspection and punishment, and expose the illegal ACTS in public.

Vii. Establish and improve the energy conservation mechanism.

Deepen energy price reform. Strengthen and improve the electricity price management, establish the cost constraint mechanism; We will improve the electricity pricing method to guide users to use electricity and save electricity. We will expand the scope of the implementation of different electricity prices, curb the indiscriminate expansion of energy-consuming industries and promote structural adjustment. We will implement the comprehensive oil price adjustment plan and rationalize the price of domestic refined petroleum products. We will continue to reform the price of natural gas and establish a mechanism for price linkage and dynamic adjustment of natural gas and alternative energy. We will comprehensively promote market-oriented reform of coal prices. To study and formulate policies to increase the price of energy consumption.

Increase government support for energy conservation. People's governments at all levels to the energy saving technology and product promotion, demonstration pilot, commendation and reward for propaganda and training, information service and support for the work such as, the energy saving money into the people's governments at various levels of fiscal budget. During the eleventh five-year plan period, the state has allocated certain funds to support the promotion of major energy conservation projects, demonstration projects and energy-efficient products.

(31) to implement preferential tax policies for energy conservation. To development and reform commission jointly with relevant departments to formulate the catalog of energy-saving products, the production and use of the products listed in the catalog of energy-saving products, the ministry of finance, administration of taxation jointly with relevant departments to promptly put forward concrete preferential tax policies, to the state council for examination and approval. We will strictly implement policies and measures to control the export of high-energy, high-polluting and resource-oriented products. The study establishes a fuel tax system that promotes energy conservation, as well as the tax policies that control high-energy processing trade and curb unreasonable energy consumption. We will promptly study and implement the reform plan for different types of energy and mineral resources. According to the resource conditions and market changes, relevant resource tax collection standards should be raised appropriately.

(32) broaden the channels for energy conservation financing. All kinds of financial institutions should earnestly increase the credit support for energy conservation projects, and promote and guide all aspects of society to strengthen investment in energy conservation. We should encourage enterprises to raise capital through the market and accelerate the transformation of energy saving and consumption reduction technologies.

Promote the reform of urban heating system. We will accelerate the commercialization and monetization of urban heating, and make subsidies for heating subsidies from "dark supplement" to "bright supplement", strengthen the measurement of heat supply, and promote the system of charging and charging by heat. In order to improve the mechanism of heating price formation, relevant departments should promptly study and formulate policies on heating and heating of buildings, and foster a market that is conducive to energy conservation.

(34) to implement an energy saving incentive system. The units and individuals that have made outstanding achievements in energy conservation management, energy conservation science and technology research and promotion shall be commended and rewarded by various regions and departments. Energy production and business operation entities and energy-using units to formulate scientific and reasonable energy saving method, combining with the actual situation of this unit, to make contribution to energy saving work of the collective, the individual to give recognition and rewards, energy-saving incentives included in the total wages.

Strengthening the construction and basic work of the energy conservation management team.

(35) strengthen the construction of energy conservation management team. The people's governments at all levels should strengthen energy management team construction, enrich the energy-saving management strength, improve the energy efficiency supervision system, strengthen the supervision of the work within their respective administrative areas and daily supervisory work (monitoring), in accordance with the law to carry out the energy conservation law enforcement and supervision (monitoring). On the basis of integrating existing agencies, to form a national energy conservation center, to carry out the policy research, energy saving of fixed assets investment projects evaluation, technology promotion, publicity and training, information consulting, international exchanges and cooperation, etc.

Strengthening energy statistics and measurement management. The people's governments at all levels shall provide necessary job security for the statistical departments to exercise energy conservation statistics, law enforcement and data distribution according to law. The statistical departments at various levels shall strengthen the energy statistics, enrich the necessary personnel, improve the system of statistics, improve statistical methods, established can reflect regional level of energy consumption, energy saving goal responsibility and the evaluation system of the energy statistics system. We should strengthen the review of the energy consumption indicators for the GDP of the unit and ensure that the statistics are accurate and timely. The quality and technical supervision departments at all levels shall urge enterprises to reasonably equip energy measuring instruments and strengthen energy measurement and management.

(37) increase energy conservation promotion, education and training. The press and publishing, radio, film and television, culture and other departments and related social organizations to carry out various forms of energy-saving campaign, China's energy situation and widely publicized the significance of energy saving, carry forward the advanced energy saving, typical exposure waste, guide rational consumption. Education department should incorporate energy saving knowledge into education, education and education training system. Trade unions and communist youth league organizations at all levels should attach importance to and strengthen the energy-saving education for the general staff, especially the young workers, and carry out a wide range of rationalization proposals for energy conservation. Relevant industry associations should assist the government in energy conservation management, technology promotion, publicity and training, information consultation and industry statistics. All levels of science and technology organizations should carry out a series of popular science activities around energy conservation. We should carefully organize the annual national energy-saving publicity week, and strengthen the regular energy conservation publicity and training. We need to mobilize the whole society to save energy, advocate healthy, civilized, thrifty and moderate consumption concept in the whole society, and guide the change of consumption pattern with economical consumption concept. In order to promote the conservation of fashion, the envoy can become a good habit and conscious action of every citizen.

Strengthening organizational leadership.

(38) to effectively strengthen the organization and leadership of energy conservation work. The people's governments of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government shall, in accordance with the spirit of this decision, strive to carry out the implementation. Energy-saving work overall responsibility to the region of the people's government at the provincial level, the energy conservation work into the agenda of the government important, main leaders personally stresses, and establish the corresponding coordination mechanism, a clear division of responsibility and the relevant departments, to ensure that the responsibilities in place, measures in place, put in place. The relevant departments of the people's governments at the provincial level and the relevant departments under the state council shall, within 2 months after the issuance of the decision, submit plans for the implementation of the energy conservation work of the region and the industry to the state council; The central enterprise shall, within 2 months after the issuance of this decision, put forward the implementation plan of the energy conservation work of the enterprise, which shall be reported to the state council by the sasac. The development and reform commission shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments, strengthen guidance and coordination, earnestly supervise and inspect the implementation of this decision and report to the state council.

The state council

                             August 6, 2006.

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